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Jig tool for Microwave Testing
MTF - 100 and GT - 1100 are compact and simple test stands that can measure microwave substrates. You can use the coaxial type RF probe and the optional DC probes.  Since it is easy to carry, you can do measurement work at any measurement location.
Both are  required lab systems which have the versatility as test fixtures.
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■ Simple test stand
The MTF-100 series is a test jig for evaluating characteristics by fixing and mounting small circuit boards and parts with microwave transmission lines.
It is designed to be small but high precision and strong structure, and microwave evaluation test with low loss microwave probe set to 2 ports can be performed. Moreover, it is a small space design and you can carry around, and you use it anywhere.
Probe used for the MTF-100 series select the pitch between the signal and the ground in the range of 50 microns to 2540 microns in order to correspond to the micro - electrode part.  You are able to have a test of the frequency band up to 67 GHz by system up of the network analyzer.
GT-1100 (4 "compatible)
GT-1100 (4 "compatible) Vibration Free Table
MODEL GT-1100 is a table-size standard test table which equips a low-loss microwave probe for measuring electrical characteristics of transmission circuit components in the microwave range (dc - 40 GHz) and a vacuum chuck that can fine - position the sample. You can conduct a measurement (50 - 110GHz) with optional probes.
Because the MODEL GT-1100 is set with high-performance accessories such as probes required for measurement, it is excellent in cost performance and is the optimum measurement system in the research and development field.
The GT-3000 and GT-1500 series are test beds designed for efficient measurement using waveguide probes.
The connection between the waveguide probe (millimeter wave band) and the tuner equipment etc. can be done at the shortest position, and you can reduce the loss. Also, since you can move the probe and instrument at the same time, it is suitable for the measurement using a waveguide probe. Custom-made is also welcome.
■ Test stand for waveguide probe (GT-3000)
Vibration Free Table
■ Test stand for tuner (GT-1502)
Vibration Free Table
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