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Please feel free to contact us for technical consultation, model selection, specifications etc.
TEL: +81-3-3684-2548   /   E-Mail:
5 minutes walk from JR Kameido Station
15 minutes walk from Toei Shinjuku LIne Nishi-Ojima Station 
Business items (main handled products)
1. 4-point probes and related devices for resistivity measuring instruments such as semiconductors and thin film layers
2. Sheet resistivity measuring instrument for semiconductor, liquid crystal thin film 
3. High-performance probe for characterization of semiconductor IC (ULSI, VLSI, etc.)
4. Measurement probe and measurement device for microwave
5. Slide products for measurement, experimental, manual and electric linear/rotating type 
6. Probe needle, scrape point
7. Laser interferometer system
Management policy
We select high-tech equipments and materials indispensable for the advancement of industrial technology in our country widely from domestic and overseas, and provide customers those equipments and information. In addition, we listen to customers' opinions and requests to contribute to the development of industry. As a partner, we carefully see the world trend, so that we help our customers' business more efficiently and achieve cost cutting.
We promote consistent management with the motto "We will deliver better products at a lower price with an earlier delivery date". We define our value as the contribution to the development of our customers.

President  Hayato Nakamura
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