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Picoprobe for IC
By using the Picoprobe (design and manufactured by GGB Industries,Inc.) for IC, the internal voltage of the IC can be measured accurately.Picoprobe is for  IC voltage measurement which keeps the stray capacitance value of the probe itself to the utmost limit and further bring the impedance close to the infinite value. This minimizes the load on the measuring device and enables measurement to be performed faithfully. 
Not only Models 35 which is the world's fastest FET probe, but also we prepare many other models corresponding to each measurement mode. Picoprobe is a worldwide standard instrument as a tool for analytical measurement in integrated circuit design field.We will also correspond with adapters etc. so that they can be used with probers of each manufacturer.​
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IC pico probe
画像 1436_MODEL34A
[Function comparison table for Picoprobe (FET probe)]
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