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Picoprobe for Microwave

Picoprobe (design and manufactured by GGB Industries,Inc.) for microwave (RF probe) is a test probe for microwave devices combining low loss and high durability by GGB's unique continuous coaxial structure (patented). Also, with multi-contact probes that can be arranged with DC probes, it is now possible to reduce transmission measurements such as transmission by using a hybrid configuration of capacitors and resistors (patented).
Picoprobe is widely adopted for engineers sticking to severe data measurement.
With the leaf spring type ground chip structure and edge contact method, low contact resistance can be realized and good measurement reproducibility is obtained, and needle tip made of nickel material can be manufactured.
Please contact us for pitch of 100 μm or less, large current probe for car electronics etc.
It has low loss, high repeatability and high durability, and has its own performance by patented coaxial structure and patented bypass capacitor method etc.

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■ Strong structure and high performance
The signal part of the Picoprobe has a continuous coaxial structure from the connector part to the needle tip. This continuous coaxial structure is excellent in signal transmission characteristics and can reliably transmit a signal to the peak frequency region. In addition, the attached needle tip is hardly affected by the resonance caused by external vibration, and is also strong against overloading when attaching to the needle tip.

■ Various styles
Several styles are available for the Picoprobe for measuring various sample shapes such as flat board and package.

■ Easy needle probe
The tip of the grant attaching to the DUT of the Picoprobe has a spring-like structure. In contrast, a fixed gap is made between the fixed signal line needle tip and the ground needle portion. Because this gap can be used as a guideline for needle guarding, you can always contact in a stable state.

■ Point contact
The tip of the Picoprobe has a point shape so that stable contact is always obtained. It ensures the reliable measurement because it repels the oxide film of the object and reduces misalignment error occurring when contacting the needle tip.

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