4-Point Probe [NPS Version]

4-point probe is a high accuracy probe for measurement of resistivity.
DC Four Point Probe systems is one of the most reliable methods for resistivity or sheet resistance measuring of conductive materials.
It is a well known fact among engineers that the quality of the probing apparatus greatly affects the probing accuracy.
Especially, durability is important during the measurement of semiconductor materials as well as the accuracy.
Our 4-point probe manufactured by skilled worker is universally acknowledged as a high accuracy probe, and now many enterprise use the device as standard.

The newly developed needle has a one-piece structure made of highly durable metal, and uses a low-resistance metal for the connection part to maintain good electrical conductivity,  We ensure the accurate measurement of variety samples by conducting NPS's unique "Micro-edge contact" treatment. (IP, MT, SB, EP etc. for types of wafers )
We possesses a lot of experiences and solid accomplishments in this field.

high accuracy, hight durability, world standard instrument, quick repair, unique design, etc.

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■ New 4-point probe 
Nearly half a century has passed since the high-performance four-point probe was first introduced by NPS in Japan. Today it is used as a standard instrument for resistivity measurement electrodes.
NPS has accumulated for many years utilizing the technical know-how of 4-point probes, the new 4-point probes have excellent accuracy, durability, and high cost performance.We will develop and sell probes.
The new 4-point probes have the following features.
Major improvements and features:
Accuracy improvement 
Durability improvement 
Cost reduction
improvement of fatal defects of conventional products (made by JANDEL and MPP) 
Made in Japan.
■ 4-Point Probe
Please ask us about the 4-point probe !
Because we have 50 years of handling experience.
Each part constituting the 4-point probe is made from the development and production of dedicated processing machines.  
By doing quality control from manufacturing to shipping by full-time technical staff, it is possible to provide high-precision, high-durability 4-point probes. 
In addition, in order to respond to requests from domestic users and with years of our experience, we set up our own specifications and assemble them.
The NP type which NPS supplies is 4-point probe of the world highest quality.
We also offer repair or modification of various 4-point probes. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
■ Hand-Probe
It is a handy type 4-point probe which can be easily measured on hand.
It can be used for ingots etc.
■ 0.1mm Pitch
MODEL SEP-4 is a 4-point probe for measuring sheet resistance with a needle spacing of 0.1 mm pitch.  Since the distance between the four needles is as small as 0.3 mm (linear), the influence range of electric field energy is small, and even in the case of a pad with a small area of 5 × 5 mm, sheet resistance measurement is not affected by electric field power from the edge to around 0.5 mm.