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Sheet Resistivity Measuring Instruments
High quality tool for professionals ! Using the 4-point probe method, this device ensures precise measurement of the sheet resistance of metallic thin film as well as semiconductor materials like a solar battery silicon with easy & simple operation.
<Applications> For the following product inspections
1) Processes from silicon to wafer manufacturing
2) Liquid crystal panels (LCD) manufacturing
3) Manufacturing process of wide range of electric conductivity elements.
    Optional 4-Point Probe is needed for the measurement.
​【Related Product】4-Point Probe
■ Model sigma-5+
Sheet Resistivity Measuringsigma5+
RG-5 4-pont probe
Sheet Resistivity processor
RG-5 with 4 point probe
It ensures a precise measurement of the resistivity of silicon wafers and other relative materials. We also offer you handy type probes of sillicon for solar panels. Sigma-5+ is a high-end resistivity measuring instrument and the reason of the high performance is based on our 20 years+ experience of resistivity measuring. You will be able to get and evaluate the accurate sheet resistivity and resistivity rate in product line. Also, you can use it for the R&D and inspection process of semiconductor subtrate and conductive thin film subtrate. * Sigma-5+ and sample stage in the photo.
- Detailed test available through intelligent control panel
- Desktop size desing
- With wide range of measurement
- Automatic exchange of polarity of electricity
- Automatic reset-zero adjustment
- Automatic range selection
- Sample thickness adjustment
- Average value output and printout
- Special function - correction of temperature (for silicon)
- Temperature input correction factor
- Interface for the data printer
- Interface for data transfer (RS232C)
- Stages available: RG-5, RG-12, RGE-12
■ Handy-type Sheet resistance & Resistivity meters
Hand 4 point probe
SRM-232 Sheet Resistance Meters are low-cost hand-held sheet resistance testing systems that include a meter and a four-point probe for use in measuring the sheet resistance of applied coatings such as conductive paints, EMI coatings, ITO on glass, etc. 
We also available  PV-628 for the resistivity of the Si wafers, such as solar cells foundation.  Each device enables you to output data to computers, and power source has the auto power-off function.
■ Handy-type Resistivity meter Model PV-628
Hand 4 point probe
MODEL PV-628 is a handy-type measuring instrument using 4-point probe method and is designed only for silicon of solar power generation.  You can use it without considering the shape and size of the object.  It's a portable device which works with battery cells.
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