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Probe Needle
It is a needle for electrical characteristics inspection made with optimum alloy of noble metal type mainly composed of palladium, as the contact material for current application.
It has the same mechanical characteristics as tungsten and has superior electrical characteristics to beryllium copper, so stable contact is obtained.
More than ten kinds of thickness are prepared between 0.2 mm and 0.7 mm.
In addition, osmium alloy for LED, usually needle for tungsten and tungsten carbide material for semiconductor electrode.
Especially the standard stock tungsten needle is very recommended at low price.
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■ P needle (palladium alloy needle)
■ P needle (palladium alloy needle)
P needle is precision machined in Japan using Paliney 7 as a material.
Paliney 7 is excellent in low wear resistance, low contact resistance and high durability.  It has been used as an electrode material for more than 50 years, and it is used in many fields due to its material properties.
Paliney 7 is an electrode material conforming to ASTM B 540.
Containing metal (approx.): Palladium (35%) Silver (30%) Gold (10%) Platinum (10%) Copper (14%) others (1%)
Individual resistivity: 30 μΩcm-
Conductivity: 5.5 (% l ACS)
Knoop hardness: 350-410
Melting temperature: 1015 ° C
■ T-4 needle (for submicron)
T-4 needle (for submicron)
T-4 needle was manufactured for general probing. Since the whisker needle for the pico probe is used, the submicron hole on the SiO2 opened by the laser cutter can also be attached without damage of the circuit.
A shaft part of φ 0.5 mm can be bent by hand and it can be used by processing it into an arbitrary shape. We offer one set of 5 bottles at an affordable price.
■ Push-up pin
We are manufacturing push-up pins for parts such as IC chips with tungsten carbide and piano wire at low price.
Material: tungsten carbide, stainless steel, piano wire etc.
We polish various materials uniformly and offer high quality pins. It can also be used for cutting small parts.
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