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Laser Interferometry Tools
Machine Tools
As a distributor in Japan of EXCEL PRECISION (USA EXCEL PRECISION CO., LTD), we deal with laser interferometer equipment. Combining a dual frequency He - Ne laser system employing stabilized Zeeman and an optical heterodyne detection / signal processor, it is possible to do highly accurate and reliable measurement of a minimum reading resolution of 0.3 nano, and further a low cost system construction. Excel Precision Co., Ltd. has designed and manufactured originally, and established itself as a specialist of laser interference measuring instruments.  More than 5000 units have been used worldwide.
We manufacture not only standard products but also custom-made systems according to customer's request.
Third choice. Excel Precision Laser Interferometer
If you have a laser interferometer from Excel Precision, you can check accuracy at the nano level.
■ 1100B 6 element calibration system
The 1100 B laser calibration system is mainly used for quality control on machine tools.  It enables to detect and dizitize the table rattiling up to 5 elements at one time.
■ 1550 A angle sensor
It enables you to measure displacements of the surface and the Z drive part regardless of color and reflectance by using 1550 A angle sensor.
1550 A angle sensor
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